I tell you about the renovation of my kitchen

In this article I am going to share my choices of layout, materials, hoping that it gives you tips for one of your projects.

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When we found our new nest, we immediately realized the potential of the living room. After cutting down some partitions, we had our dream space! I like open kitchens, I think it’s great to be able to keep in touch with the living room but again I wanted to partition it to a minimum and for that I still opted for a glass roof! Remember in our old apartment we had a glass roof that separated the living room from the kitchen here the canopy structures the room and makes the kitchen a real space. I do not have much furniture, I chose to put only low furniture but the fact of having cleared the space in width gives the effect that the kitchen is large and spacious.


The materials

After blocking several months on a matte black kitchen, I finally opted for a wooden kitchen. There is a lot of wood in our interior, it’s a material that I find relaxing, warm and that goes with everything! We found this model at the Swedish giant and for the sake of harmony, decided to put only low elements, double drawers. For the worktop, I wanted marble, it’s so pretty married wood. However budget level it was pretty sturdy, we found the tip of the laminate marble effect, I am delighted! Easy to clean, aesthetic, that’s the job! At the credence, we wanted something sober but with a detail that is not one, we opted for a black seal.


The Decor

I love to come and put small decorative touches in the kitchen, I think it makes all the difference and makes this piece alive! The 2 strong parts are the lights: the wall lamp that I love comes from the site Nedgis, I wanted a large wall to dress the wall, it is top because in addition the arms are mobile. For the suspension it is on Decoclico that I found this lighting ball art deco spirit. A nice carpet, beautiful tea towels, cutting boards, plants, flowers, pretty dishes and voila! 


We stop there??

You know me, I always have projects decorating my head! Because it is you I share my desires for the kitchen: I imagine a console table on the wall between the 2 windows, I will deposit my vintage scale and can be a strip of color above the credence;)

The renovation of an apartment or a house is not an easy task, in our case we had the chance to be surrounded by good people who knew how to meet our expectations and advise us on points that were not our domain. If you’re in the midst of a kitchen renovation project or something else, I’ve discovered a great site to guide you in this project. Whether it is to estimate the cost of the project, know where to start, or to have advice for a successful project .

Zoom on THE trend color 2017: we tell you all about it!

Gray blue is the color of 2017 blue, trendy color for 2017

After the golden ocher last year, in 2017 it is the gray-blue that will be particularly honored on the House Shows , dedicated to highlighting the latest trends in the world of home. But how was this trend detected by the famous paint brand?

To know the color aspirations of the year to come, the team of international experts, went to find psychologists, decoration specialists or sociologists, etc. All these consultations allow us to draw the contours of the interior design trends of tomorrow, to perceive the desires of consumers.

And verdict for 2017: we want a color that goes everywhere and that we will never tire! Through this shade of blue gray, it is the image of blue jeans that is conveyed behind: a casual pants, which adapts to everything. Exactly like the gray blue that will easily find its place, whether in contemporary interiors or as part of a more natural or refined decoration. Adjustable to all interior styles, it will be the focus of the house renovation trend as well.


A color that adapts to all desires

The gray blue is a shade that is not very intense but which is beautifully in contact with other colors in a living room, bedroom or kitchen. It harmonizes easily with a wide range of colors. Indeed, associated with for example:
– blue glass, the blue gray will warm up and make warmer living room contemporary style.
– with green topaz, he will come to appease the room
– with golden ocher or brick red, it will become much more intense
– with white, the gray blue will be able to affirm all its character.

As part of the shades of blue, the shade blue gray has inherited its soothing virtues. This shade will bring serenity and well-being in a room, so you can more easily relax and unwind. Customizable to infinity since it marries with many colors, the gray is a little gray chameleon, able to adapt to our lifestyle of the moment … and tomorrow!

10 ideas to decorate your Spa

Having a spa at home means enjoying a privileged space at home. 


Goodbye nuisances, muscular tension and stress. Hello serenity and relaxation! As a haven of peace, your spa deserves a custom decoration to create the atmosphere that suits you and soothes you. Here are 10 ideas to decorate your spa!

The Mediterranean faience wall

The Portuguese Azulejos mosaics, the Moroccan Zelliges, the Andalusian faience … so many sunny inspirations that inspire us a dream hammam .

Tip: for more modernity, mix the faience with marble details.

The wooden ladder

To put his fouta or his hammam sheet, the wooden ladder is the trendy and inexpensive detail of the moment. It can be used in dry towel and associated with other spa accessories . The idea is to modulate the space so both practical and refined, to stay in a place conducive to relaxation.

Silver hammam bowls

The hammam and spa are two universes close by their use and their rituals. The silver hammam bowls, useful by nature, can be associated with candles and lanterns for a subdued atmosphere 100% chic.

Wooden walls

Natural and timeless, wood interferes with indoor spas in style. In light or darker shade, it adapts to various styles of decoration : bohemian, vegetal or ethnic for example.

Plants for a “jungle” atmosphere

Tropical plants, succulents, cacti … To decorate your spa, you can create your own garden of Eden by varying species and templates.

Slate, ecological and zen

Light gray, anthracite, black … slate is the promise of a natural and chic spa that lasts in the humidity and allows a cozy atmosphere.

Stones and flowers for color

Floating flowers, stones at the edge of the bathtub: in perspective, color ! For flowers, opt for your favorite varieties and let them float at will. On the stone side, find out about the properties of the stones you have near your spa. For example, amber, pink quartz or white opal will have a radiance conducive to inner calm and comfort. Conversely, citrine, jasper or sun stone will be more likely to energize you .

Wooden accessories

The wood can interfere in your spa for a rustic and natural effect in the air! A bench, containers, a massage brush, candles, decorative objects … do not skimp on the details!

The rustic soap basket

Practical and pretty, the soap basket makes it easy to decorate and keep everything you need at your spa’s edge.

Turquoise blue, lagoon way

Coupled with fullness, the turquoise blue is a bright shade that will bring a touch of paradise to your indoor spa.


Kitchen: cement tiles, the trend of the moment

On the ground, in total look or on credence, cement tiles are all the rage! 


Very trendy, it comes in cooking in all forms, always with style. For a touch of authenticity, cement tiles will add charm to kitchens of all styles.


Where to integrate cement tiles in the kitchen?

Become essential, the cement tiles make the happiness of the architects of kitchen in Lyon like amateurs of DIY in Paris. The main advantage of the cement tile is that the multiplicity of styles of patterns allows to stick as well to a design kitchen in Lyon than to a Scandinavian or country kitchen anywhere else.

Also, depending on the desired rendering, the cement tile can be integrated:

  • On the kitchen splashback with tiles preferably 12mm thick. The 16mm tiles will be too heavy for the wall. Also, it is advisable to avoid covering the area above the hotplates. With many temperature variations and splashing, the choice of cement tiles would not be very sensible.
  • In flooring: you can opt for stronger 16mm tiles. Feel free to play on two-tone mixes or pattern games, very trendy now.


The importance of maintenance

To keep all the beauty of your high-end cuisine in Lyon , Nice, Paris or anywhere else, the motto is maintenance.

On this type of support, anti-stain and anti-soiling treatment is required at least once a year. The most effective will be the application of a mouth-pore: 2 layers spaced 24h. Second step of protection: the specific wax which will bring a satin effect to the cement tiles, thus attenuating the initial dull aspect.

On a daily basis, in case of greasy stains, coffee or wine, clean immediately with black soap or Marseille soap with warm water and a soft brush. Caution: do not use white vinegar, bleach or acid or abrasive cleaners.


Borrowing in Austria

In Austria, there are numerous credit institutions that are available for a loan.

Every borrowing is subject to a charge. On the one hand, there are interest rates that are fixed or calculated on a daily basis – such as a discretionary loan. This loan is the most used loan. The positive about the whole thing is that the numbers are always revealed. So you have the opportunity to preclude lenders who do not offer the right conditions.

Comparison of providers

If you want to raise debt, it is basically important to make a comparison. Due to the growing market, there are already numerous banks that make their financial resources available to customers. As an individual, you are often unaware of which provider is the cheapest for a given loan amount and a fixed term. This can only be found with a comparison. However, comparisons are usually not that easy. To compare all providers you have to consider every aspect of the conditions. For example, the interest rate often changes with increasing maturity, making it much harder to compare by hand.

Compare with loan calculator

In order to give all potential borrowers the opportunity to actually filter out the cheapest loan. This works best with an automatic calculator. To use such a credit calculator, there are numerous portals that are provided with all the relevant providers that are on the market. The financial conditions of the various loan amounts and terms are entered and the portal visitor can receive all important details about the price of the loan with the help of a quick and simple statement. For such an endeavor usually already the input of a loan amount, the desired term of the loan and the purpose. All eligible and potential lenders will be listed below. It is particularly clear that the interest rate is shown directly for the data entered, so that you can always take advantage of the most favorable loan offer. The largest providers from Austria are usually on comparison portals on which such a computer is located. The reason for this is that potential borrowers can make direct contact so that borrowing can once again be facilitated.

Advantages of a comparison

Many will wonder what the benefits are of availing such a service. First and foremost, of course, because the services are completely free for the user. There are no costs to compare the providers and ultimately to find out where you have to pay the least effective when borrowing. So you can find a suitable partner for the right date in Austria. Another advantage of using a loan calculator is that you do not have to blame yourself for having taken the effective measures to have the least financial burdens. Furthermore, it is with a calculator so that you do not have to spend a lot of time to effectively compare. The calculator automatically executes all calculations and shows the user which providers are suitable for the entered data. Due to the participation of the large providers in Austria, the loan calculator is meaningful and also considers smaller providers who want to win new customers with good conditions. Basically, with the use of a computer, you can take into account all important conditions in the current Austrian market and calculate with the terms. In general, the possibility of calculating one’s own financial resources with such a computer is basically more convenient.

Fast processing times

In this age of consuming and lengthy discussions with the appropriate bank are no longer necessary. If you have found the right provider, a credit request can be made in the next step. Thus, not only does it save time to make a comparison, but also the time to meet with several potential lenders for an appointment and to talk. Within a very short time you have to process the information and compare it with other providers. The processing time is generally significantly reduced by the use of online offers. In many cases, the requests will be accepted within a few minutes. Subsequently follows in the sense of the credit check, which can also go quickly with a quick completion by the applicant also quickly. Thus, by borrowing fast capital can be procured without having to go through numerous appointments.

Before / After: Our new nest

I come back on this adventure, this new stage and tells you the work by revealing a little before / after …

For all to confess this end of the year was more than intense. Indeed this new apartment was a big challenge: a big building in a more than reduced period! A month and a half to renovate 121m2, yes it seems crazy, but after moments of doubt, of galley, of decision-making, here we go!

Let’s start from the beginning, we visited this apartment in early September and had a real crush. After several visits to Marseille, our big enough property with an exterior was not so easy to find. Initially we looked for a garden level but it turns out that in town the garden level sometimes lack brightness or the outside is too much to see neighbors. So when we visited this charming property, located in a small art deco building of the 30s with a large open terrace, a look was enough to let the lover know and I was it ! Here is a premise of the before / after …

This adventure was an opportunity to create a beautiful collaboration with an outstanding partner, Leroy Merlin wanted to follow Blueberry Home in his yard and realize together some steps of this renovation. The dressing room, the bathrooms or the floor of the room were made with four hands with the stores Leroy Merlin Bouches du Rhone (Valentine, Martigues and Aubagne). I retain a great support and a team always listening and available to help me in my choices that were not always easy to set up!

The beginning of the assembly of the dressing room in the master bedroom made with Leroy Merlin La Valentine. 

Our terrace! It is imagined but already like that offers us every morning a crazy sunrise from the room 🙂

To follow the progress of the deco appointment on my Instagram account where I reveal a little more each day pictures of our new nest! And for the visit in detail, still a little patience, I prepare you for very quickly;)

Kitchen decor: How to give it style?

The kitchen decor is very important, we have never spent as much time in his kitchen as now!

The healthy and “healthy” cuisine has never been as contemporary as ever … Often open on the living room, the kitchen is a full-fledged room, which should not be neglected in terms of decor.


Today we will see how to give style to his kitchen by several deco tips …


The credence

The credence is essential in a kitchen, before we often saw traditional tiles, since the trend has evolved and several possibilities are available to us. For non-do-it-yourselfers or those who do not want to invest a lot, remember I tested an adhesive credenza , which installs in minutes and whose rendering is really top! For the others I chose three unavoidable trends: the metro tile, the cement tile or even the colorful earthenware tiles.deco kitchen credence
deco kitchen credence deco kitchen credence

The canopy

The canopy in the decor has appeared for a little while but continues to seduce! Real industrial piece, the canopy gives character to an interior. I myself chose this trend almost 6 years ago and I still love it so much! It is a real separation while letting the light circulate, moreover the deco industrial side that it brings is really canon and marries perfectly with the Scandinavian decoration or the ethnic decoration.



Once again, plants have never been our friends as much as they are now. As a real decorative accessory, they bring life and brighten an interior! And for once they are to use without moderation! Attention we prefer succulent plants or succulents for the Californian side we love in the decor …


A wall of color

Finally, to add a touch of originality to your kitchen, you can bet on color. By painting a piece of wall in a dark color that will contrast some rather clear kitchen furniture for example …

You have all the keys in your hand, it’s up to you!

Parquet Yes! But which to choose?

Parquet is by far the most appealing type of flooring! 

Finished the small tile 70s, the floor appears in our interiors and warms the atmosphere … Today there is an infinite variety of flooring style and suddenly, when we must choose we no longer know where to give the floor. head! I tried to summarize what it is and to refer you if you are in project of renovation …

If you follow me on Instagram , you may have seen that we found our new apartment and are more than happy! A nice apartment with a large terrace where everything is to think, the dream would you say to me! But it requires to dig your head mine nothing;) And everything starts with the ground … Let’s go around the different variants of parquet …


Which size to choose?

Wide battens against wide narrow … Who win? Ten years ago I would have told you slats wide but today the more the blades are narrow better! Why, I speak only of style and trends, narrow slats refer to the Scandinavian style that we still love as much and especially reflect a more natural side of the floor.


What color ?

Again, for the color of the floor there is a multitude of choices. History of not getting tired and get an airy atmosphere in your interior, I suggest clear shades like here, the chain blond or light gray bleached. My favorite is the white parquet !! I am a fan fan fan.

And if I already have parquet? You can give it a second life! You can relook a parquet without stripping with Sublim Wood, the easy renovation product of the Mauler brand. If you were tired of your floor too dark, you do not have to change it;)


Laminate or raw?

Great question! What is important to know? The plain parquet obviously does not have the same price as a laminate parquet. Count about 50 € per m2 against 15 € for laminate. The crude has several disadvantages, its price, but also the fact that it can not be installed in damp rooms and the maintenance it requires, etc., for all these reasons the laminate seems to be a good solution. Nevertheless at the level of the aspect nothing will replace a beautiful rough floor but it is sometimes very well imitated so you can darken;)


And for my health?

We spend more than 3/4 of our time in confined spaces and indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air, because of formaldehyde, invisible and highly volatile gas classified as carcinogenic by WHO . The brand Mauler offers to clean the indoor air with a revolutionary floor cleaner , smart!


How to switch to renewable energy at home?

The energies do not stop at the rise of the new measures in favor of the environment. 

Renewable energy differs from traditional energies and electricity from nuclear or thermal power. Here are some points to convince you to go green.


What is green energy?

Renewable energies, or green ones, come from natural elements of the planet. There are 5 types:

  • solar, thanks to photovoltaics that transforms sunlight into electrical energy;
  • wind turbine, which uses the force of the wind to produce electricity;
  • hydraulic, through power plants fed for example by dams;
  • geothermal, which draws the heat released by the earth’s core;
  • biomass, which uses organic matter of animal or plant origin to create energy.

The use of these different types of energy makes it possible, on the one hand, to meet the challenges of diversifying energy sources and to fight against the destruction of the ozone layer.


What solutions to switch to renewable energy?

In order to stop using fossil fuels (oil, natural gas), you can change your lifestyle or renovate parts of your home:

  • If you have a construction project, you can already learn about the terms and conditions of a BEPOS house, which produces more energy than it consumes.
  • redoing the insulation, including the roof and windows, will drastically lower your energy bill. In fact, the biggest heat losses go through there.
  • contact a renewable electricity supplier to change your contract.
  • study the energy class of appliances you buy, such as appliances, so that they consume as little as possible.
  • install water collectors in your garden or on your balcony.

If you are a business leader or have influence over the decisions in your company, you can also offer a comparison of electricity supplier offers for companies . Most of these alternative providers offer lower renewable electricity rates than traditional electricity.

Let's visit my room with a Nomadic Style

It’s been almost 6 months since we moved into our new home, I can not believe it! 

Time passes so quickly and at the same time the old apartment I loved so much already seems far away. Today I open the door of my room and tell you about my new decor.

We are lucky to have a large room that opens directly onto the terrace . I sometimes share my clocks in story on Instagram , it’s really magic to be able to wake up in the light of the day! The room was a large 26m2 space where we had imagined a dressing wall. After much thought we decided to build a partition not completely closed to come and create an independent dressing room. This wall is the wall you see, where the bed is leaning …

In terms of style, I already had this rattan headboard that I love and that I wanted to keep. So we painted the wall in black, to highlight the headboard. And I think it works pretty well! I told you about it on Instagram, I was very well advised by La Bonne Peinture, brand of artisanal painting, based in the south, which knew how to find the perfect texture 🙂

And thanks to this black wall, the style of the room has naturally installed … A bohemian, nomadic, not too busy, sober bed linen, a comfortable room in which I feel great 🙂

And to be even more comfortable, we created a bathroom adjoining the room 🙂 The space we had was not very big. So we opted for a walk-in shower with black taps and a small washbasin underlined by a rattan mirror, just to break a little codes. We realized this bathroom with the help of Leroy Merlin. The brand has once again met my expectations and advised me perfectly on the choice of materials! Because the bathrooms you see on Pinterest is super nice, but believe me it’s not always easy to achieve!