Before / After: Our new nest

I come back on this adventure, this new stage and tells you the work by revealing a little before / after …

For all to confess this end of the year was more than intense. Indeed this new apartment was a big challenge: a big building in a more than reduced period! A month and a half to renovate 121m2, yes it seems crazy, but after moments of doubt, of galley, of decision-making, here we go!

Let’s start from the beginning, we visited this apartment in early September and had a real crush. After several visits to Marseille, our big enough property with an exterior was not so easy to find. Initially we looked for a garden level but it turns out that in town the garden level sometimes lack brightness or the outside is too much to see neighbors. So when we visited this charming property, located in a small art deco building of the 30s with a large open terrace, a look was enough to let the lover know and I was it ! Here is a premise of the before / after …

This adventure was an opportunity to create a beautiful collaboration with an outstanding partner, Leroy Merlin wanted to follow Blueberry Home in his yard and realize together some steps of this renovation. The dressing room, the bathrooms or the floor of the room were made with four hands with the stores Leroy Merlin Bouches du Rhone (Valentine, Martigues and Aubagne). I retain a great support and a team always listening and available to help me in my choices that were not always easy to set up!

The beginning of the assembly of the dressing room in the master bedroom made with Leroy Merlin La Valentine. 

Our terrace! It is imagined but already like that offers us every morning a crazy sunrise from the room 🙂

To follow the progress of the deco appointment on my Instagram account where I reveal a little more each day pictures of our new nest! And for the visit in detail, still a little patience, I prepare you for very quickly;)

Kitchen decor: How to give it style?

The kitchen decor is very important, we have never spent as much time in his kitchen as now!

The healthy and “healthy” cuisine has never been as contemporary as ever … Often open on the living room, the kitchen is a full-fledged room, which should not be neglected in terms of decor.


Today we will see how to give style to his kitchen by several deco tips …


The credence

The credence is essential in a kitchen, before we often saw traditional tiles, since the trend has evolved and several possibilities are available to us. For non-do-it-yourselfers or those who do not want to invest a lot, remember I tested an adhesive credenza , which installs in minutes and whose rendering is really top! For the others I chose three unavoidable trends: the metro tile, the cement tile or even the colorful earthenware tiles.deco kitchen credence
deco kitchen credence deco kitchen credence

The canopy

The canopy in the decor has appeared for a little while but continues to seduce! Real industrial piece, the canopy gives character to an interior. I myself chose this trend almost 6 years ago and I still love it so much! It is a real separation while letting the light circulate, moreover the deco industrial side that it brings is really canon and marries perfectly with the Scandinavian decoration or the ethnic decoration.



Once again, plants have never been our friends as much as they are now. As a real decorative accessory, they bring life and brighten an interior! And for once they are to use without moderation! Attention we prefer succulent plants or succulents for the Californian side we love in the decor …


A wall of color

Finally, to add a touch of originality to your kitchen, you can bet on color. By painting a piece of wall in a dark color that will contrast some rather clear kitchen furniture for example …

You have all the keys in your hand, it’s up to you!

Parquet Yes! But which to choose?

Parquet is by far the most appealing type of flooring! 

Finished the small tile 70s, the floor appears in our interiors and warms the atmosphere … Today there is an infinite variety of flooring style and suddenly, when we must choose we no longer know where to give the floor. head! I tried to summarize what it is and to refer you if you are in project of renovation …

If you follow me on Instagram , you may have seen that we found our new apartment and are more than happy! A nice apartment with a large terrace where everything is to think, the dream would you say to me! But it requires to dig your head mine nothing;) And everything starts with the ground … Let’s go around the different variants of parquet …


Which size to choose?

Wide battens against wide narrow … Who win? Ten years ago I would have told you slats wide but today the more the blades are narrow better! Why, I speak only of style and trends, narrow slats refer to the Scandinavian style that we still love as much and especially reflect a more natural side of the floor.


What color ?

Again, for the color of the floor there is a multitude of choices. History of not getting tired and get an airy atmosphere in your interior, I suggest clear shades like here, the chain blond or light gray bleached. My favorite is the white parquet !! I am a fan fan fan.

And if I already have parquet? You can give it a second life! You can relook a parquet without stripping with Sublim Wood, the easy renovation product of the Mauler brand. If you were tired of your floor too dark, you do not have to change it;)


Laminate or raw?

Great question! What is important to know? The plain parquet obviously does not have the same price as a laminate parquet. Count about 50 € per m2 against 15 € for laminate. The crude has several disadvantages, its price, but also the fact that it can not be installed in damp rooms and the maintenance it requires, etc., for all these reasons the laminate seems to be a good solution. Nevertheless at the level of the aspect nothing will replace a beautiful rough floor but it is sometimes very well imitated so you can darken;)


And for my health?

We spend more than 3/4 of our time in confined spaces and indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air, because of formaldehyde, invisible and highly volatile gas classified as carcinogenic by WHO . The brand Mauler offers to clean the indoor air with a revolutionary floor cleaner , smart!


How to switch to renewable energy at home?

The energies do not stop at the rise of the new measures in favor of the environment. 

Renewable energy differs from traditional energies and electricity from nuclear or thermal power. Here are some points to convince you to go green.


What is green energy?

Renewable energies, or green ones, come from natural elements of the planet. There are 5 types:

  • solar, thanks to photovoltaics that transforms sunlight into electrical energy;
  • wind turbine, which uses the force of the wind to produce electricity;
  • hydraulic, through power plants fed for example by dams;
  • geothermal, which draws the heat released by the earth’s core;
  • biomass, which uses organic matter of animal or plant origin to create energy.

The use of these different types of energy makes it possible, on the one hand, to meet the challenges of diversifying energy sources and to fight against the destruction of the ozone layer.


What solutions to switch to renewable energy?

In order to stop using fossil fuels (oil, natural gas), you can change your lifestyle or renovate parts of your home:

  • If you have a construction project, you can already learn about the terms and conditions of a BEPOS house, which produces more energy than it consumes.
  • redoing the insulation, including the roof and windows, will drastically lower your energy bill. In fact, the biggest heat losses go through there.
  • contact a renewable electricity supplier to change your contract.
  • study the energy class of appliances you buy, such as appliances, so that they consume as little as possible.
  • install water collectors in your garden or on your balcony.

If you are a business leader or have influence over the decisions in your company, you can also offer a comparison of electricity supplier offers for companies . Most of these alternative providers offer lower renewable electricity rates than traditional electricity.

Let's visit my room with a Nomadic Style

It’s been almost 6 months since we moved into our new home, I can not believe it! 

Time passes so quickly and at the same time the old apartment I loved so much already seems far away. Today I open the door of my room and tell you about my new decor.

We are lucky to have a large room that opens directly onto the terrace . I sometimes share my clocks in story on Instagram , it’s really magic to be able to wake up in the light of the day! The room was a large 26m2 space where we had imagined a dressing wall. After much thought we decided to build a partition not completely closed to come and create an independent dressing room. This wall is the wall you see, where the bed is leaning …

In terms of style, I already had this rattan headboard that I love and that I wanted to keep. So we painted the wall in black, to highlight the headboard. And I think it works pretty well! I told you about it on Instagram, I was very well advised by La Bonne Peinture, brand of artisanal painting, based in the south, which knew how to find the perfect texture 🙂

And thanks to this black wall, the style of the room has naturally installed … A bohemian, nomadic, not too busy, sober bed linen, a comfortable room in which I feel great 🙂

And to be even more comfortable, we created a bathroom adjoining the room 🙂 The space we had was not very big. So we opted for a walk-in shower with black taps and a small washbasin underlined by a rattan mirror, just to break a little codes. We realized this bathroom with the help of Leroy Merlin. The brand has once again met my expectations and advised me perfectly on the choice of materials! Because the bathrooms you see on Pinterest is super nice, but believe me it’s not always easy to achieve!

RT 2012: the new mandatory standard for new construction

In January 2013, the 2012 Thermal Regulation Standard, or RT 2012, came into force in France. 

What energy obligations were imposed on the builders at the time? How has the house construction sector evolved since? Update on the 2012 standard, on the eve of the launch of the RT 2020.


What is the 2012 thermal regulation??

For all building permits for new residential buildings registered since 1 January 2013, builders must comply with the recommendations of the Grenelle Environment Forum, RT 2012.

From now on, the annual energy consumption ceiling must be less than 50kWh / m². This minimum value was however already required for several years to obtain the BBC label effinergie.

The 2012 thermal regulation (RT 2012) is based on 3 main indicators:

  • The Bbio index, ie the minimum energy performance requirement of the building;
  • The Cep index, which characterizes the primary energy consumption of the building;
  • The Tic index, relative to the conventional indoor temperature.

With a decrease in energy consumption and a proliferation of resale opportunities, the standard for thermal regulation has been a turning point for all property owners since 2012.

The goal by 2020? Propose passive houses even positive, ie with a zero energy balance (with excellent insulation and outgoing heat recovery).


New house construction: all about the RT 2020

RT 2012 has really improved the energy performance of new buildings, but the construction sector still accounts for 40% of all energy consumed in Europe. Thus, home builders still have many efforts to provide in the coming years to limit their ecological impact.

The next thermal regulation should be put in place by the end of 2020. Its objective is to tend towards a passive house, known as positive energy, that is to say whose energy balance is totally zero (with an excellent insulation and a outgoing heat recovery).

Among the novelties of the RT 2020, we find:

  • heating consumption will be capped at 12 kWh / m²;
  • the total energy consumption of the building must be less than 100 kWh / m².

The future thermal regulation also aims to involve citizens in this energy transition project, in order to limit energy waste and promote energy production.

Turn to your builder to know the different models of houses and their cost of construction.


The return of the wallpaper

It’s crazy how trends are inexplicable sometimes! 

retro wallpaper

A bit like fashion would you say, the decor makes us see all the colors! Today we will talk about wallpaper and its use that has become essential in our interiors …

Often likened to the wallpaper of our grandmothers, thick and very pastel colors, wallpaper is back … Let’s take stock of the trends!


1 – The flowers are spread in the living room

It’s my favorite, I’m a fan of floral wallpaper, especially the “dark floral” as these inspirations. At the same time elegant but without too much fuss, it comes to underline gracefully a piece of furniture in your living room, the table of dining room or a corner office …


2 – Retro patterns are popular!

Palm trees that plunge us in California in the 70s or swimmers of yesteryear, the retro motifs are displayed on the wallpaper. A tip, we choose this pattern just on a piece of wall, or a place where you are sure not to get tired. The entrance, a bathroom or the office area, unexpected places where this touch decor will be a great success!


3 – Geometric shapes

The geometric trend has never really left us in deco. If you like clean decors, this wallpaper is for you! It remains sober and brings the little note of fantasy that was missing in your interior …


4 – The must-have wallpaper

British brand historically known for its high-quality wallpapers and design that have marked the spirits, the brand returns with ICONS , a new collection that includes the most emblematic prints, revisited retro way for our greatest pleasure! Absolutely cannons printed, inspired by the Miami of the 50s, wow! A subtle mix of glamor with kitsch tips, just right! A favorite for the palm print and the Miami print that can be found at Au Fil des Couleurs , the high – end wallpaper boutique.