I tell you about the renovation of my kitchen

In this article I am going to share my choices of layout, materials, hoping that it gives you tips for one of your projects.

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When we found our new nest, we immediately realized the potential of the living room. After cutting down some partitions, we had our dream space! I like open kitchens, I think it’s great to be able to keep in touch with the living room but again I wanted to partition it to a minimum and for that I still opted for a glass roof! Remember in our old apartment we had a glass roof that separated the living room from the kitchen here the canopy structures the room and makes the kitchen a real space. I do not have much furniture, I chose to put only low furniture but the fact of having cleared the space in width gives the effect that the kitchen is large and spacious.


The materials

After blocking several months on a matte black kitchen, I finally opted for a wooden kitchen. There is a lot of wood in our interior, it’s a material that I find relaxing, warm and that goes with everything! We found this model at the Swedish giant and for the sake of harmony, decided to put only low elements, double drawers. For the worktop, I wanted marble, it’s so pretty married wood. However budget level it was pretty sturdy, we found the tip of the laminate marble effect, I am delighted! Easy to clean, aesthetic, that’s the job! At the credence, we wanted something sober but with a detail that is not one, we opted for a black seal.


The Decor

I love to come and put small decorative touches in the kitchen, I think it makes all the difference and makes this piece alive! The 2 strong parts are the lights: the wall lamp that I love comes from the site Nedgis, I wanted a large wall to dress the wall, it is top because in addition the arms are mobile. For the suspension it is on Decoclico that I found this lighting ball art deco spirit. A nice carpet, beautiful tea towels, cutting boards, plants, flowers, pretty dishes and voila! 


We stop there??

You know me, I always have projects decorating my head! Because it is you I share my desires for the kitchen: I imagine a console table on the wall between the 2 windows, I will deposit my vintage scale and can be a strip of color above the credence;)

The renovation of an apartment or a house is not an easy task, in our case we had the chance to be surrounded by good people who knew how to meet our expectations and advise us on points that were not our domain. If you’re in the midst of a kitchen renovation project or something else, I’ve discovered a great site to guide you in this project. Whether it is to estimate the cost of the project, know where to start, or to have advice for a successful project .

Zoom on THE trend color 2017: we tell you all about it!

Gray blue is the color of 2017 blue, trendy color for 2017

After the golden ocher last year, in 2017 it is the gray-blue that will be particularly honored on the House Shows , dedicated to highlighting the latest trends in the world of home. But how was this trend detected by the famous paint brand?

To know the color aspirations of the year to come, the team of international experts, went to find psychologists, decoration specialists or sociologists, etc. All these consultations allow us to draw the contours of the interior design trends of tomorrow, to perceive the desires of consumers.

And verdict for 2017: we want a color that goes everywhere and that we will never tire! Through this shade of blue gray, it is the image of blue jeans that is conveyed behind: a casual pants, which adapts to everything. Exactly like the gray blue that will easily find its place, whether in contemporary interiors or as part of a more natural or refined decoration. Adjustable to all interior styles, it will be the focus of the house renovation trend as well.


A color that adapts to all desires

The gray blue is a shade that is not very intense but which is beautifully in contact with other colors in a living room, bedroom or kitchen. It harmonizes easily with a wide range of colors. Indeed, associated with for example:
– blue glass, the blue gray will warm up and make warmer living room contemporary style.
– with green topaz, he will come to appease the room
– with golden ocher or brick red, it will become much more intense
– with white, the gray blue will be able to affirm all its character.

As part of the shades of blue, the shade blue gray has inherited its soothing virtues. This shade will bring serenity and well-being in a room, so you can more easily relax and unwind. Customizable to infinity since it marries with many colors, the gray is a little gray chameleon, able to adapt to our lifestyle of the moment … and tomorrow!