3 tips for creating a small dining room

Who says lack of space does not necessarily say lack of class! 

Indeed, if you have a limited space to develop your dining room, know that it is quite possible to make a nice and cozy place for the whole family. To do this, Maison Blog gives you his 3 tips.

Choose your furniture


If you have little space, the layout of your dining room must be perfectly thought out and the space must be optimized. To achieve this, choose furniture with modest volumes, or multifunctional, so as not to overload the room. You can also opt for a beautiful dining table design with extensions : you limit the occupation of space and can, on occasion, add guests with extensions.

Another possibility: transformable furniture. Adjustable and flexible, they will give you the flexibility you need.

Delimit the space

You only have one space for the living room and the dining room? Be aware that you can create two distinct spaces using a few pieces of furniture or accessories:

  • install a Designers Guild carpet : the carpet will define the outlines of the dining area;
  • install a screen: it will create the illusion of a real room;
  • install a piece of furniture: it will act as a separation between the dining room and the living room.

Adopt a minimalist decoration

decoration mirror-room

What better than to adopt a simple decoration and light to give an impression of space when one has little? Limit the elements of decorations so as not to saturate the space, opt for long and clean shapes, and do not block traffic.

You can also play with the volumes of your dining room by adding some mirrors. In addition to enlarging the space visually, they also have the advantage of capturing light and providing an elegant decorative touch.