How to switch to renewable energy at home?

The energies do not stop at the rise of the new measures in favor of the environment. 

Renewable energy differs from traditional energies and electricity from nuclear or thermal power. Here are some points to convince you to go green.


What is green energy?

Renewable energies, or green ones, come from natural elements of the planet. There are 5 types:

  • solar, thanks to photovoltaics that transforms sunlight into electrical energy;
  • wind turbine, which uses the force of the wind to produce electricity;
  • hydraulic, through power plants fed for example by dams;
  • geothermal, which draws the heat released by the earth’s core;
  • biomass, which uses organic matter of animal or plant origin to create energy.

The use of these different types of energy makes it possible, on the one hand, to meet the challenges of diversifying energy sources and to fight against the destruction of the ozone layer.


What solutions to switch to renewable energy?

In order to stop using fossil fuels (oil, natural gas), you can change your lifestyle or renovate parts of your home:

  • If you have a construction project, you can already learn about the terms and conditions of a BEPOS house, which produces more energy than it consumes.
  • redoing the insulation, including the roof and windows, will drastically lower your energy bill. In fact, the biggest heat losses go through there.
  • contact a renewable electricity supplier to change your contract.
  • study the energy class of appliances you buy, such as appliances, so that they consume as little as possible.
  • install water collectors in your garden or on your balcony.

If you are a business leader or have influence over the decisions in your company, you can also offer a comparison of electricity supplier offers for companies . Most of these alternative providers offer lower renewable electricity rates than traditional electricity.