Kitchen decor: How to give it style?

The kitchen decor is very important, we have never spent as much time in his kitchen as now!

The healthy and “healthy” cuisine has never been as contemporary as ever … Often open on the living room, the kitchen is a full-fledged room, which should not be neglected in terms of decor.


Today we will see how to give style to his kitchen by several deco tips …


The credence

The credence is essential in a kitchen, before we often saw traditional tiles, since the trend has evolved and several possibilities are available to us. For non-do-it-yourselfers or those who do not want to invest a lot, remember I tested an adhesive credenza , which installs in minutes and whose rendering is really top! For the others I chose three unavoidable trends: the metro tile, the cement tile or even the colorful earthenware tiles.deco kitchen credence
deco kitchen credence deco kitchen credence

The canopy

The canopy in the decor has appeared for a little while but continues to seduce! Real industrial piece, the canopy gives character to an interior. I myself chose this trend almost 6 years ago and I still love it so much! It is a real separation while letting the light circulate, moreover the deco industrial side that it brings is really canon and marries perfectly with the Scandinavian decoration or the ethnic decoration.



Once again, plants have never been our friends as much as they are now. As a real decorative accessory, they bring life and brighten an interior! And for once they are to use without moderation! Attention we prefer succulent plants or succulents for the Californian side we love in the decor …


A wall of color

Finally, to add a touch of originality to your kitchen, you can bet on color. By painting a piece of wall in a dark color that will contrast some rather clear kitchen furniture for example …

You have all the keys in your hand, it’s up to you!