Let's visit my room with a Nomadic Style

It’s been almost 6 months since we moved into our new home, I can not believe it! 

Time passes so quickly and at the same time the old apartment I loved so much already seems far away. Today I open the door of my room and tell you about my new decor.

We are lucky to have a large room that opens directly onto the terrace . I sometimes share my clocks in story on Instagram , it’s really magic to be able to wake up in the light of the day! The room was a large 26m2 space where we had imagined a dressing wall. After much thought we decided to build a partition not completely closed to come and create an independent dressing room. This wall is the wall you see, where the bed is leaning …

In terms of style, I already had this rattan headboard that I love and that I wanted to keep. So we painted the wall in black, to highlight the headboard. And I think it works pretty well! I told you about it on Instagram, I was very well advised by La Bonne Peinture, brand of artisanal painting, based in the south, which knew how to find the perfect texture 🙂

And thanks to this black wall, the style of the room has naturally installed … A bohemian, nomadic, not too busy, sober bed linen, a comfortable room in which I feel great 🙂

And to be even more comfortable, we created a bathroom adjoining the room 🙂 The space we had was not very big. So we opted for a walk-in shower with black taps and a small washbasin underlined by a rattan mirror, just to break a little codes. We realized this bathroom with the help of Leroy Merlin. The brand has once again met my expectations and advised me perfectly on the choice of materials! Because the bathrooms you see on Pinterest is super nice, but believe me it’s not always easy to achieve!