The return of the wallpaper

It’s crazy how trends are inexplicable sometimes! 

retro wallpaper

A bit like fashion would you say, the decor makes us see all the colors! Today we will talk about wallpaper and its use that has become essential in our interiors …

Often likened to the wallpaper of our grandmothers, thick and very pastel colors, wallpaper is back … Let’s take stock of the trends!


1 – The flowers are spread in the living room

It’s my favorite, I’m a fan of floral wallpaper, especially the “dark floral” as these inspirations. At the same time elegant but without too much fuss, it comes to underline gracefully a piece of furniture in your living room, the table of dining room or a corner office …


2 – Retro patterns are popular!

Palm trees that plunge us in California in the 70s or swimmers of yesteryear, the retro motifs are displayed on the wallpaper. A tip, we choose this pattern just on a piece of wall, or a place where you are sure not to get tired. The entrance, a bathroom or the office area, unexpected places where this touch decor will be a great success!


3 – Geometric shapes

The geometric trend has never really left us in deco. If you like clean decors, this wallpaper is for you! It remains sober and brings the little note of fantasy that was missing in your interior …


4 – The must-have wallpaper

British brand historically known for its high-quality wallpapers and design that have marked the spirits, the brand returns with ICONS , a new collection that includes the most emblematic prints, revisited retro way for our greatest pleasure! Absolutely cannons printed, inspired by the Miami of the 50s, wow! A subtle mix of glamor with kitsch tips, just right! A favorite for the palm print and the Miami print that can be found at Au Fil des Couleurs , the high – end wallpaper boutique.