You never have too much wood in your interior

Today we are going to talk about wood! Do not you agree that this material is indispensable in our interiors? Whether we like it a little or passionately we always end up coming back.

“I’m afraid it’s too woody, or too old or too busy …” So many questions that arise before choosing a decorative piece or a material for its interior … And finally we come back Always, but you know what, the wood in addition to being easy to use in decoration is above all beautiful, noble and has the virtue of warming up the atmosphere … So why deprive yourself!


A wooden kitchen to never tire

wooden kitchen

A total white look? Matt black? Oil blue? Yes these inspirations are enticing and trendy but change of cushion is one thing, change of kitchen is a little more complicated! I speak to you knowingly, I had before a kitchen entirely white (white furniture, white credence and white worktop …), I loved it very much but today I love my kitchen in wood and am very satisfied 🙂


A wooden coffee table for a convivial living room


A Scandinavian thread to anchor his decor

If you follow me on Instagram , you may have seen that I adopted a Scandinavian wooden string 🙂 I had never had this type of furniture and I must say that it is ultra practical, I advise you if you are looking, like me, for an aesthetic piece of furniture for practical storage …


A wooden mirror because it’s trendy, yes!

A wooden terrace

Because yes we can enjoy its terrace in winter ( especially when we live in the south ^^ ), we choose materials that will create a warm atmosphere. And of course I’m thinking of a wooden flooring. You will tell me that it is not super easy to maintain? Exactly I discovered a product of the brand Mauler to renovate its terrace , or even for a non-slip terrace , it almost makes me want to go the distance!